Newegg Launches PC Builder Tool

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅17.06.2020 08:22:30
Press Release

Newegg launches its own PC builder tool, a one-stop-shop for designing and building custom PCs. The Newegg PC Builder offers best-in-class site navigation, a wide selection of options, and some of the best prices available. The tool automatically solves compatibility issues enabling even first-time and novice builders to build their own PC without issues.

The Newegg PC Builder offers an easy and hassle-free DIY PC building experience to all users which include all the expert-level options such as personalization, upgraded components, custom cooling options, and hardware overclocking. The tool removes the limitations you’d get in pre-built systems as users can now fully customize their PC according to their needs such as gaming and content creation like video editing and 3D rendering.

“Newegg got its start nearly two decades ago selling components to tech enthusiasts, many of whom built their own computers long before home PC building caught on as a mainstream trend,” said Anthony Chow, Newegg’s Global CEO. “The Newegg PC Builder is a direct connection to our DIY roots, and we’re excited about empowering the next generation of home PC builders.”

Customize Preconfigured Builds

The Newegg PC Builder features three preconfigured PC builds categorized as the budget, mainstream, and enthusiast builds. Users can edit and customize these three pre-configured builds to fit their needs, preferences, and budget.

Build From Scratch

The Newegg PC Builder allows users to build from scratch with its simple and easy-to-use web interface as shown in the image above. While users can choose to start at any component, starting with the CPU or motherboard is recommended. Choosing the rest of the components is easy as the tool automatically displays compatible models for each component which is sorted by customer ratings by default. In short, users would see the top-rated models first in the list. Hence, filters are also available giving users the typical Newegg shopping experience.

Complete builds can be shared in the user’s social media channels so users can also ask for help and recommendations from friends.

The Newegg PC Builder tool is now online at