Next-Gen Wichita and Krishna APUs Detailed

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅16.08.2011 15:12:21

Wichita and Krishna are AMD's next-gen APUs based on the Bobcat x86 architecture offering high performance per watt, that is set out to compete against Intel's Atom. These will be AMD's first 28nm APUs on the market and are expected to offer 20% better cpu performance and >25% better graphics performance while keeping within a low power environment. While there are general improvements all round such as, upto 4 cores instead of dual, support for 1600MHz DDR3 instead of 1333MHz, the FCH (Fusion Controller Hub) I.E. Glorified South Bridge, is now ON DIE! Making this a True SoC (system on chip) as there is now no need for a supporting chipset, according to TPU this may be an industry first!

There seems to be a major mention of SAMU (Secure Asset Management Unit) which appears to offload tasks from the x86 cores to the gpu which saves power as well as other power saving features to support better decoding for HD playback and image quality enhancement for low quality videos. There is even a mention for supporting Blu-Ray 3D but it appears to be intentionally blocked out?

Release is expected sometime in 2012

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