No Cooler Hassle As Cryorig Confirms Compatibility With Intel X299

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Pre-orders are currently open for Intel's next-genration Core X HEDT platform, complete with new CPU socket, but one lingering concern some may have had with shelling out on the new hardware was cooler compatibility. Sadly, few CPU cooler manufacturers had been open about compatibility with LGA2066 motherboards and CPUs, perhaps reflecting just how rushed this release feels compared to previous years. Thankfully Cryorig have now clarified support, and it's good news all round.

According to a press release, all of Cryorig's CPU coolers which previously support LGA2011v3 (the prior Intel HEDT platform) will be compatible with LGA2066. This includes both A-series closed loop liquid cooling systems and a wide range of their high-performance air coolers. Perhaps most importantly, no upgrade kit or adapter is required, indicating that little has changed in terms of socket specification for cooling.

Cryorig's H7 QUAD Lumi

With pre-orders of Intel Core X CPUs and X299 motherboards likely not due to begin until June 26th, this also gives consumers plenty of time to assess their own cooling needs before they actually get their hands on the components. Kaby Lake-X's thermal properties appear to be roughly in line with Kaby Lake, but Skylake-X reviews are currently reporting that the chip, particularly the flagship 10-core Core i9-7900X, require hefty premium cooling to keep them under control when overclocked (or at stock in the 7900X's case).

It is likely that other cooling manufacturers will be able to make a similar assessment with regards to their own cooling products. But as things stand Cryorig has you covered.

Cryorig LGA2066 Compatible CPU Coolers

- All A Series liquid coolers
- R1 Ultimate/Universal
- R5
- C1*
- H5 Ultimate/Universal
- H7 Quad Lumi

Note that coolers which support only AMD platforms, including AM4, will not support LGA2066
* The Cryorig C1 is a low-profile cooler designed for relatively low TDP system configurations

SOURCE: via Press Release.

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