Noctua Announces CPU Coolers For AMD’s New Threadripper and Epyc Processors

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅19.10.2023 23:32:35
Press Release

Noctua today announced its new NH-U14S TR5-SP6 and NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U CPU coolers for AMD’s TR5 (sTR5/sTRX5/sWRX9) and SP6 sockets for the just-released 7000 series Threadripper HEDT (High-End Desktop) and Threadripper Pro workstation processors as well as 8004 series Epyc server CPUs. While the 14cm NH-U14S TR5-SP6 provides maximum cooling performance at minimum noise levels, the 9cm NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U combines excellent efficiency with a compact size for full 4U compatibility. In addition to the two cooler models, Noctua also introduced the new NM-TR5-SP6 mounting kit that allows upgrading existing TR4-SP3, DX-4677, DX-4189 and DX-3647 line coolers to support the new TR5/SP6 sockets of TRX50 and WRX90 motherboards.

“The amount of computing performance that AMD’s new TRX50 and WRX90 platforms with their Zen 4 based Threadripper and Threadripper Pro processors provide is downright stunning”, says Roland Mossig (Noctua CEO). “At heatloads of 350W and more, you’ll certainly want a premium grade cooling solution to go with them though. This is where our new TR5-SP6 models step in!”

First introduced in 2017, Noctua’s Threadripper and Epyc coolers have become a standard choice when it comes to quiet, premium grade air cooling solutions for AMD-based workstations and servers. Thanks to their superior acoustic efficiency, they are ideal for Threadripper and Epyc systems that run in noise sensitive environments (e.g. audio/video production, content creation, engineering, etc.).

Combining the proven basis of Noctua’s renowned TR4-SP3 and DX models with a new SecuFirm2™ mounting system for TR5/SP6 that has been updated to meet the platform’s increased pressure specifications, the new TR5-SP6 models are ideal for making the most out of the new 7000 series Threadripper (7980X, 7970X, 7960X) and Threadripper Pro (7995WX, 7985WX, 7975WX, 7965WX) CPUs. In addition to the new Threadripper processors (previously codenamed “Storm Peak”) with their TRX50 (socket name sTR5/sTRX5) and WRX90 (socket name sWRX9) platforms, the new coolers also support SP6 based 8004 series Epyc processors (previously codenamed “Siena”) such as the 8534P, 8434P, 8324P and 8224P.

With six heatpipes, a fin surface area of more than 6000cm² and two highly optimised NF-A15 140mm fans, the NH-U14S TR5-SP6 provides a superior level of quiet cooling efficiency. This makes it ideal for building cutting-edge, ultra-high-performance workstations that run almost silent. By contrast, the NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U is small enough to fit most 4U-size rack-mount enclosures, which makes it perfect for powerful, quiet server builds.

Both cooler models come with Noctua’s award-winning NT-H2 thermal paste pre-applied to the heatsink base in order to speed up the installation process and to guarantee an optimal thermal interface between the processor and the heatsink. The NM-TR5-SP6 mounting-kit makes it possible to upgrade Noctua’s DX-4677, DX-4189, DX-3647 and TR4-SP3 series coolers to the new platforms.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are as follows:
Noctua NH-U14S TR5-SP6: EUR 129.90 / USD 129.90
NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U: EUR 119.90 / USD 119.90
NM-TR5-SP6: EUR 19.90 / USD 19.90

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