Noctua Begins Updating Cooler Compatibility Chart for Intel Z590 & B560

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Noctua's NH-U12A is one of many coolers users would expect
to be supported on LGA1200

Thanks to a timely CES2021 keynote we now know that Intel's 11th Generation Core processors and Z590-chipset motherboards are scheduled for release over the course of Q1 2021. Motherboards will come first, with pre-orders for many models already available, while Rocket Lake-S chips will arrive a little later; in the meantime 10th Generation processors (codenamed Comet Lake) should be supported on both Z490-series and the new Z590-series.

One key concern even enthusiast system builders have during the launch window of a new platform is which CPU coolers will be compatible with the new hardware. That's not just a case of physical compatibility, i.e. 'does the cooler mount fit the socket?', but also whether a given cooler is rated for the heat output of the new CPUs.

The question is strongly motivated by the long upgrade cycles for premium CPU coolers, where a unit would be passed through multiple system generations due their their efficacy and easy of installation.

Thankfully this time around Intel's 11th Generation Rocket Lake-S processors and Z590 motherboard utilise LGA1200, the socket standard that debuted with the 10th Gen in 2020, so it's partially a know quantity. But diligent cooler manufacturers aren't taking any chances.

Noctua have historically been a class apart when it comes to publishing prompt and detailed compatibility information. Their record once again remains unimpeachable as they issue two new matrices, listing a host of Z590 and B560 3rd party designs and how they're supported across Noctua's entire range. They even go so far as to include info on their discontinued products, many of which will still be in day-to-day use worldwide.

In certain instances a cooler's mounting system may need to be replaced, and in such cases they're up-front with where its necessary and how to source the upgrade (often for free). Matching CPU TDP to a class of cooler will likely wait on detailed info being divulged by Intel, but for now users should be able to opt for Noctua's products in confidence.

SOURCE: Noctua Z590 Compatibility Chart, Noctua B560 Compatibility Chart

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