Noctua creates world's first CPU cooler with active noise cancellation

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅18.06.2013 01:44:20

A high spec'd PC and noise go hand-in-hand unfortunately. All that processing power needs to be cooled and cooling uses fans which make noise. Thankfully, the folk at Noctua have been working on a way to actively reduce noise while maintaining great cooling performance.

Noctua have teamed up with RotoSub to create a low noise cooling solution that allows you to stick with air cooling. They've been able to achieve this with magic.... well, with active noise cancelling more than anything but there is undoubtedly magic in there somewhere. Watch the video below for more information and to hear (or not hear) the cooler in action.

The noise cancellation is actually achieved by using a microphone and speakers. The microphone picks up the noise the fan makes and the speakers output the same sound with a phase difference which effectively cancels the original fan noise out. While it's disappointing that magic isn't used this is still really impressive. While no details on pricing have been announced there is no doubt that this cooler will be expensive and brown..... still!

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