Noctua NT-H1 3.5g SW Edition Now Available

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅14.06.2022 23:45:22

The award-winning Noctua NT-H1 thermal paste is now available with a bundled spatula and cleaning wipes for easier thermal paste application and clean-up. The Noctua NT-H1 3.5g SW Edition is ideal not just for first-time PC builders but also for CPU and GPU maintenance. The SW (Spatula and Wipes) Edition with its included spatula makes it easy to manually spread the thermal paste before installing the heatsink. The three Noctua NA-CW1 cleaning wipes are perfect for pre-application cleaning as well as the removal of old thermal compound.

Noctua NT-H1 3.5g SW Edition Features

- Renowned premium-grade thermal compound for optimal heat transfer from the CPU or GPU to the heatsink; more than 150 awards and recommendations.
- SW (Spatula & Wipes) Edition with a spatula for easy spreading and three NA-CW1 cleaning wipes (no extra thermal paste cleaner or thermal paste remover required).
- For air and liquid coolers (DIY/AiO), can significantly lower temperatures compared to stock pastes on AMD Ryzen and Intel Core CPUs, AMD Radeon and NVIDIA GeForce GPUs, PS4/PS5, Xbox, laptops, etc.
- Trusted Noctua quality with excellent long-term stability: recommended storage time up to 3 years, recommended usage time on the CPU or GPU up to 5 years
- 3.5g pack for around 3-20 applications (depending on CPU size, e.g. ~3 applications for TR4, ~15 for AM4 or LGA1700, ~20 for LGA1200)

Pricing and Availability
The Noctua NT-H1 3.5g SW Edition is available at Noctua’s partner retailers for $9.90 MSRP. Also available on Noctua’s Amazon Official Store.

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