Noctua Prototypes Seen at Computex

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅31.05.2011 22:03:43

The primary design considerations featured are increased surface areas, a low profle cooler, a slim cooler, a refreshed version of the NH-D14 and a new top end triple-stack cooler. All new cooler designs are aimed to allow tall, high performance memory kits with heatspreaders up to 70mm high (On either side, pointing towards LGA2011).

Noctua Focused Flow™ fan

Design principle for the Focused Flow fans from Noctua are similar to the Silverstone Air Penetrators.

LGA2011 mounting bracket, will be given away free to people who already own a Noctua cooler with proof of purchase!

Noctua's high end Top-Down cooler, compatible with RAM upto 70mm tall

Low profile dual fan cooler

140mm D-Type Cooler (Prototype), ram clearance either side upto 60mm

Noctua's prototype top end triple stack cooler, compatible with RAM upto 70mm tall and 2x either 120 or 140mm fans


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