NVIDIA and Ubisoft Form PC Gaming Alliance For This Fall's Hottest Games

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅23.08.2013 05:00:40

NVIDIA and Ubisoft have announced a gaming alliance that will see the two working closely together to bring NVIDIA developed technologies as well as other PC exclusive enhancements (DirectX 11 Tessellation) to upcoming Ubisoft games. The games listed are Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, Splinter Cell Blacklist and Watch_Dogs, one of the most highly anticipated games of this year.

Splinter Cell Blacklist will be the first title to benefit from this which launches soon with full support for NVIDIA TXAA, HBAO+ and SLI. This is great news for PC gamer's because it might mean that their PC's will actually be tested properly and used more to their capabilities. The Tony's agree. Tony Key, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing at Ubisoft said

...combining NVIDIA’s visual computing expertise and the creativity of our development teams will give customers a stunning experience when choosing an Ubisoft game.

And Tony Tamasi, senior vice president of Content and Technology at NVIDIA added

(NVIDIA) has worked closely with Ubisoft's incredibly talented creative team throughout the development process to incorporate our technologies and deliver the most immersive and visually spectacular game worlds imaginable.

As stated earlier, Splinter Cell Blacklist will be the first game to showcase NVIDIA HBAO+ technology. It'll be interesting to see if they can live up to their goals.

Source: www.geforce.com

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