Nvidia announces their GameWorks developer tools bringing unified GPU PhysX

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With the announcement of AMD's Mantle API still being fresh in our memories, Nvidia have come to the table to announce expanded developer tools with funny names. Nvidia have developed FLEX to unify the various physics simulation technologies into one neat little package.

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Let's have a quick look at what each of these are.

FLEX: Unified GPU PhysX
FLEX provides real-time (you'll read this word a lot) cloth and fluid effects and a combination of the two. It essentially allows for solid objects to share collision detection with more fluid objects.

Flame Works
FlameWorks' functionality should be fairly easy to deduce from the name itself. It's a new real-time volumetric flame simulator that provides impressive, cinema quality flames that can be run using current hardware.

GI Works
GIWorks provides real-timeglobal lighting and illumination instead of pre rendered effects. This is traditionally a very intensive process that requires a decent amount of computer power but Nvidia are confident they have breached the gap.

To get a better understanding of how this all works, check out the video below. The demo was run on a single Titan.

It certainly does look very impressive and there is a lot to expect in graphics and gaming in the not too distant future. This is an exciting time for PC gaming.

Source: www.kotaku.com.au

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