NVIDIA Finally Begin Teasing A New SHIELD

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅24.10.2019 22:59:41

We reported on Monday that NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang might be preparing for an NVIDIA SHIELD announcement during his MWC LA Keynote Address later that day. That didn't turn out to be the case, but the green team have finally broken cover on the long-awaited SHIELD set-top box update via new postings on social media.

Earlier today the NVIDIA SHIELD Twitter account posted a very simple tease with a date: October 28th, the anticipated release date of two new SHIELD solutions follow the leaks of last week. The 'eye' gif appears to be an allusion to the new compact SHIELD 'stick', a cylinder rather than fully-fledged set-top unit.

According to the same leaks the hardware will be an update to the original SHIELD TV designs, complete with more powerful Tegra X1+ SoC and support for additional functionality including Dolby Vision, and a brand new compact solution in the form of a small cylinder (i.e. 'stick'). The second would serve as a full-featured competitor to the Chrome Cast and Amazon Fire TV Stick; slightly higher in price, but with far wider capabilities and NVIDIA's now well established commitment to long-term support.

Next week like going to be a busy one for NVIDIA, who are also allegedly preparing new GTX graphics hardware for desktop systems.

SOURCE: @NVidia Shield

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