NVIDIA CEO Confirms Tegra Roadmap

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22.10.2011 04:38:43

NVIDIA's founder and President Jen-Hsun Huang shared details in an interview at AsiaD about NVIDIA's development of Tegra and their coming models. NVIDIA has invested a whopping $2 Billion in Tegra alone and that Kal El will be the first quad (if not pentacore) ARM processor.

Jen-Hsun Huang explained how each Tegra chip takes 3 years to develop and stated:
"We'd like to have a processor every year, and so we're building three in a row."

The Tegra series is codenamed after popular comic super heros, Tegra 3, code named Kal El - Superman

- Tegra 4 a.k.a. Wayne, as in Batman, quad to octocore ARM Cortex A15, expected 2012.
- Tegra 5 a.k.a. Logan, as in Wolverine, expected 2013.
- Tegra 6 a.k.a. Stark, as in Iron man expected 2014.

Later in the interview NVIDIA's CEO explains his hopes that Windows 8 will enable tablets and ARM to run MS Office.

If Office runs on Windows on ARM -- it's the killer app. Everything else is on the web."

For a more indepth breakdown of this interview visit here

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