NVIDIA Demos Kal El's Graphical Prowess

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅30.05.2011 13:59:28

Expect to see 'Kal El' AKA Tegra 3 in a myriad of devices later this year. NVIDIA has made many claims that their Tegra SoCs will eventually kill off the PC, and if their impressive-if-optimistic marketing slides are to be believed there will be some serious power on tap available in portable devices in the coming years.

NVIDIA's Tegra Roadmap

In NVIDIA's tech demo 'Glowball', it displays some impressive dynamic lighting effects as well as real time physics. While the feasability of actual gaming performance is debatable due to the demo most likely being well optimised or not really having much depth other than a lit up ball rolling around, it is hard to ignore the fact that it is impresssive.

With Tegra 2 already winning an award at Computex 2011, expect more news on the coming NVIDIA SoCs in the coming week.

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