NVIDIA Exhorts The Art Of Gaming With New Certified SFF PCs

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅20.11.2013 16:14:05

Just in time for the holiday season, NVIDIA are launching a new drive to bring PCs into the living room with their Art Of Gaming initiative. Catering less to the ultra high-end gaming crowd than NVIDIA Battleboxes, Art Of Gaming small form factor PCs offer more rounded specifications whilst delivering on the aesthetic needs of today's gamers.

It comes on the eve of the release of the two next generation gaming consoles, and showcases that next-generation gaming performance for the PC market is here today. Each Art Of Gaming system marries an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 series or above GPU with core gaming components, enclosed by a small-form-factor enclosure chosen for its aesthetic appeal and low-noise operation.

Those who embark on creating a new system with this ethos will qualify for the Pirates, Heroes and Spies bundle, granting them up to three of the latest titles free depending on the exact GeForce GTX card chosen. They will also qualify for NVIDIA laser-cut decals, allowing them to customise the look of their system even more and give envious friends some hint of the performance kit inside.

NVIDIA graphics also now brings you GeForce Experience. NVIDIA's desktop application for Windows systems allows a smooth driver updating procedure, automatic game settings optimisations and ShadowPlay - a feature which enables the recording of High Definition gameplay without impacting performance significantly.

The list of participating UK retailers is extensive, with exact system specifications varying from outlet to outlet. Assured by all is a great gaming experience to rival that of any console.

For more information visit GeForce.co.uk.

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