NVIDIA Game24 Livestream Event Celebrates PC Gamers

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01.09.2014 19:43:32

Are you a PC gamer looking for developer interviews, game reveals, swag and the like this September? If so NVIDIA might have just the event for you.

Game24 has just been announced and it's the first of its kind - a 24 hour livestream up-apologetically revelling in all things PC gaming. Kicking off with a combined live event/livestream on the 18th in Los Angeles and continuing deep into the 19th in Shanghai, London and elsewhere around the world, GAME24 looks set to bring gamers a little closer to the hardware and software developers behind the games they love.

Of course, being an NVIDIA event there will certainly be a Green Team theme to proceedings. Expect quite a few demonstrations of why GameWorks technology is good for you as the gamer and the developers too, and perhaps a few sneak peaks of new exclusive technologies. This may also be the best chance to see some of the tech you might have heard raved about in the past few months such a GSYNC, the Shield Tablet and Maxwell GPUs.

You can tune into the livestream at game24.nvidia.com or register to attend one of the event in person. UK gamers specifically can look forward to the London event at 7pm BST on the 19th. International times vary, so check out the registration page for more information.

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