Nvidia GeForce GTX 570 Priced

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅03.12.2010 17:56:03

If you're a keen Vortez reader, you will have seen that earlier this week we saw the specifications of the new GTX 570 leaked by Palit. Now we have a price too - a cool £300. This puts the card at about the same level as the now mature GTX 480, and a whole £130 less than it's closest relative, the GTX 580. YoYo Tech, who have a good history of stocking new Nvidia cards first, have put the GTX 570 up on their website.

Is this a good deal? We'll have to see the benchmarks to say for sure, but based on the specs, it looks like it will indeed perform more closely to the GTX 480 than 580. The GTX 570 has less memory than both the GTX 580 and GTX 480, and a more narrow memory bus too. However, it does benefit from higher core and memory clock speeds compared to the GTX 480 as well as the new GF110 core, plus a lower TDP. The overall memory amount is also the smallest of the three, at 1280MB, but this is most likely to only limit those who use large resolution monitors or multi-monitor setups with some Anti-aliasing for good measure. See the table published earlier this week for more details:

Image source: Sweclockers

It looks as though if you're not a really high end user, this may be a good choice from Nvidia's line up this year. The card is expected to arrive on the 7th December.

Source: YoYo Tech

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