NVIDIA GeForce Titan To Be Released 18th Feb 2013

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The release date for the long awaited GeForce Titan looks to have been announced which is based on NVIDIA's GK110 architecture.

According to various sources including TechPowerUp, NVIDIA's latest GeForce offering Titan is set to be released February 18th, 2013. Performance is reported to be a few percent under the GTX 690 if the current numbers leaked are correct.

Specifications which have been floating around the web for the past few days are supposedly true. The GTX Tian is based on the GK110 GPU with 2688 CUDA cores, 48 raster operating units and 224 texture maps. Also the reference models will be fitted with 6GB of GDDR5 memory spread over a 384-bit interface as opposed to a 512-bit interface which was first leaked.

Will you be buying Titan? or will you be sticking with what you have until the next generation of cards are officially announced? Let us know what you think on our community forums.

SOURCE TechPowerUp, Video Cardz

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