NVIDIA GK110 (Kepler) GPU Spotted In The Wild

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅20.01.2012 18:22:21

Could this be our first glimpse of NVIDIA's Kepler GPU? Posted on Chinese forum diybbs.zol.com.cn, the image appears to be of a high-end GK110 GPU stamped GK110-???-A2. Broadly speaking, the GK110 is the immediate successor to the GF110 seen on the GTX580 and based on the next-generation 28nm process. The GPU is also identified as an A2 stepping. This may indicate that the launch preparations for Kepler are according to plan, but to be quite honest it's probably too early to tell.

Meanwhile, rumours are abound with respect to the launch time-frame. The most logical is late March/early April, likely to coincide with solid stock levels and the release of Ivy Bridge to exploit the market for new systems based on this platform. Whispers persist of an interim release next month of a mid-to-high-end GPU, but with the Chinese New Year upon us and no card or retail box art leaked thus far it seems highly unlikely. Technical specs and performance are anyone's guess, as usual we advise that all rumours are taken with a pinch of salt.

Source = Beyond3D Forums

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