NVIDIA GTX 680 Gets Listed at Various Retailers

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅20.03.2012 18:55:43

As retailers prepare their sites for the release of NVIDIAs coming Kepler based graphics cards, we are getting more and more glimpses as what to expect in regards to specifications, performance and new features. There is word of a new anti-aliasing called TXAA offering image quality comparable to MSAA x16 with little performance loss (comparable to MSAA x2) using TXAA1 and the new TXAA2 is expected to provide image quality beyond current expectations. We are also to expect a new, Adaptive VSync as well as now supporting up to 4 monitors on one graphics card for 3D surround view.

Displaying the image quality of TXAA

The Kepler block diagram and listed specs

Kepler is a new architecture, which at first the rumoured specification numbers confused people, however, some slides doing the rounds have explained the architecture and what we can expect from the GK104 GPU as well as some leaked benchmark slides showing the results of various TWIMTBP titles placing the GTX 680 in good favour. While it may be safe to assume the seen specs are accurate, there is still the little detail of reference core speed. Various leaked slides have seen the GPU clocked from around 700MHz overclocked to 1150MHz with reference expected to be around 1000MHz.

leaked images show the NVIDIA GPU being benched

3DMark 11 Performance results

It seems NVIDIA chose to avoid a paper launch and wanted to make sure they had enough stock, which may be why we are now seeing websites prepare the product listings as shipments are made. List prices have been seen to start around $550USD which is competitive to the HD 7970. With all this preparation, it would appear release is imminent, watch this space!


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