NVIDIA GTX 770 and 780 Pictured and Validated

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅07.05.2013 12:18:57

After reports of the GTX 780 being validated proving that there are working samples around, we have now seen the GTX 770 and 780 in pictures that were leaked over on the ChipHell forums. The 700 Series is expected to be released late May being based on cut down GK110 core and a refreshed GK104 core.

Validation report using the GTX 780

The GTX 770

The GTX 780

The coolers used appear to be similar to the one used on the GTX TITAN

The GTX 780 is expected to perform 5-10% faster than the current GTX 680 which is a 'typical' performance gain from a 'refresh series'. There seems to be a little confusion about the DX12 listed on the Validation which may be an error or even be faked (or correct?), but there is now little doubt of the coming arrival of NVIDIA's coming 700 series.

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