NVIDIA Introduces Quadro Experience For Quadro Professional Graphics

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅27.05.2020 17:12:48
Press Release

NVIDIA proudly presents the NVIDIA Quadro Experience the ultimate companion application to your Quadro professional graphics. Like the GeForce Experience software for NVIDIA GeForce graphics, NVIDIA Quadro Experience is the dedicated application for NVIDIA Quadro graphics. The application aims to boost creativity and increase productivity with Quadro professional GPUs. Quadro Experience will help professionals simplify time-consuming tasks, streamline workflows, and ensure your favourite applications are up to date.

The NVIDIA Quadro Experience enables 4K recording capabilities, screen sharing, alerts for the latest driver updates, game optimizations, and access to gaming features like NVIDIA Ansel and FreeStyle with ease.

Use Quadro Experience for 4K recording and share work quickly to optimize and accelerate your workflow. Quadro Experience allows you to post captured videos to your favourite third-party sites like Twitch and YouTube. The application has an Instant Replay feature that allows users to automatically record up to 20 minutes of desktop activity or broadcast your desktop to multiple viewers like in presentations, meetings, classes, and training without using other applications or additional setup.

NVIDIA Quadro Experience is free and now available for download at NVIDIA.com

Learn more about NVIDIA Quadro Experience at the NVIDIA Blog

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