NVIDIA Issue GeForce 335.23 WHQL Drivers Ahead Of Titanfall

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅10.03.2014 15:55:11

March is shaping up to be a month of great releases for the PC and they probably won't come much greater than Titanfall. Respawn Entertainment's asymmetric multiplayer first person shooter hit beta last month to high acclaim and looks set to hit the ground running on all platforms. Anticipating that keeping framerates as high and smooth as possible is vitally important for a good multiplayer experience, NVIDIA have issued a driver update pre-empting the game's release and hopefully ensuring a trouble-free launch for everyone sporting an NVIDIA graphics card.

We should note that Titanfall utilises a modified version of Source, a game engine which is known for being particularly scalable and hence well suited to a range of PC performance specifications. Our beta experiences using mid-range NVIDIA hardware were generally good, but even so putting some attention into performance streamlining is never a bad thing.

Although understandably tagged for Titanfall's release, the GeForce 335.23 drivers also provide incremental improves to SLI profiles for titles such as Diablo III - for which a new expansion is release on the 27th - DOTA II and Watch Dogs, the latter of which finally got a late-May release date and may also include a pre-launch beta. 3D Vision profiles have been updated too, with improvements for Titanfall, CoD: Ghosts and Thief.

You can download the new drivers directly, or through the GeForce Experience app. If you have an NVIDIA Kepler or Maxwell-based GPU (GTX 600 & 700-series) you can also take advantage of Shadowplay and G-SYNC; the former to record your gameplay, and the latter for silky-smooth visuals with no tearing or stuttering (with a compatible monitor).

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