NVIDIA Issue Geforce 375.86 - WHQL Game Ready Drivers

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Today NVIDIA released their latest GeForce Game Ready driver, intended to provide the best possible compatibility as soon as possible on new or recently updated gaming titles. The Geforce 375.86 - WHQL Game Ready Drivers have been developed and tested specifically for Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC, Sid Meier's Civilisation VI, Steep's Open Beta, and Battlefield 1.

These drivers have been released on the eve of Battlefest, EA's Battlefield 1 world-wide community event following today's Fall Update patch, and should help any newcomers to the sprawling WW1 first-person shooter get the very best experience when they dip their toe in.

The Survival DLC for Tom Clancey's The Division launches on November 22nd on PC, so the new drivers come well in advance of this new content for Ubisoft's MMO. Smooth frame rates will be more critical than even in this update, which appears to be focussed around a time-limited PvP 'Battle Royale' where players need to scavenge resources and survive against their competition. It remains to be seen whether this game mode can capitalise on the recent popularity of similar modes in other titles.

Geforce 375.86 - WHQL Game Ready Drivers also roll in the improvements made in earlier driver releases, most notably to performance and functionality in VR applications across a variety of platforms.

Release Notes

Game Ready Drivers provide the best possible gaming experience for all major new releases, including Virtual Reality games. Prior to a new title launching, our driver team works until the last minute to ensure every performance tweak and bug fix is included for the best gameplay on day one.

Game Ready

Provides the optimal experience for Tom Clancy’s The Division Survival DLC, Battlefield 1, Steep: Open Beta, and Civilization VI.

Application SLI Profiles

Added or updated the following SLI profiles:

- Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - added temporal SLI profile

3D Vision Profiles

Added or updated the following 3DV profiles:
- Steep - not recommended

3D Compatibility Mode Profiles

No compatibility mode profiles were added with this version.

Software Module Versions

- NView - 148.03
- HD Audio Driver -
- NVIDIA PhysX System Software - 9.16.0318
- GeForce Experience -
- CUDA - 8.0

Windows 10 Fixed Issues

- [375.70] Smearing and ghosting reported with latest NVIDIA drivers. [1834593]
- [375.63, GeForce GTX 980 Ti] Artifacts in GIFs after driver update. [1831043]
- [SLI, GeForce GTX 1080] Unable to enable Surround with SLI HB bridge; singleribbon SLI bridge works fine. [1827915]
- Battle Carnival is falsely detected as Bionic Commando. [1825885]
- [G-SYNC, 372.70, GeForce GTX 1080] G-SYNC monitor flickers at 144 Hz, not reproduced with 368.81. [1822079]
- [SLI, 372.54] Wrong memory usage values in games on Pascal GPUs in SLI mode. [1801306]
- [G-SYNC, GP102] Periodic flickering on desktop at 165 Hz when dragging or resizing windows with G-SYNC enabled. [1799297]

Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7 Fixed Issues

- GeForce Experience icon missing on system notification tray. [200248470]
- [GeForce GTX 980 Ti] Unable to detect multiple TV models from Loewe TechnologiesGmbH. [1788948]

In addition to being available direct from geforce.com/drivers, NVIDIA's Game Ready drivers can be downloaded via the GeForce Experience 3.0 desktop app (requires registration). The new drivers are compatible with all Windows versions from Windows 7 onwards (both 32 and 64-bit) and graphics cards dating back to GTX 400-series GPUs.

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