NVIDIA Pascal GPU Line Specification Leak

👤by Chris Yeo Comments 📅18.03.2016 12:45:38

RUMOUR: GTX 1080, 1080 Ti & Titan Pascal GPU's specifications may have been leaked..

Pascal is NVIDIA's new GPU architecture, complete with new HBM2 memory interface, FinFET manufacturing process & following the companies colossal success of Keplar & Maxwell, it is a highly anticipated product. You can read more about Pascal via a January post of ours here.

According to this source; these are the specifications for the first line of GPU utilising the Pascal architecture:

To break it down, we have:

GTX 1080

This will utilise the GP104 GPU, with all chip resources unlocked; 4096 CUDA cores, 256 texture units, 128 render output units, 1000MHz clock with a total of 8192 teraflops.

GTX 1080 Ti

This will utilise the GP100 GPU - a cut down of the GM104; 5120 CUDA cores, 320 texture units, 160 render output units, 1025MHz clock with a total of 10496 teraflops.

GTX 1080 Titan (Or just 'Titan')

Again this will utilise the GP100 GPU; 6144 CUDA cores, 384 texture units, 192 render output units, the same 1025MHz clock as the Ti but with a total of 12595 teraflops.

If the above specifications are true then the standard GTX 1080 is already an impressive step up from the GTD 980 Ti - users could expect up to around 30% increased performance on numbers alone.

Having said that; there are quite a few discrepancies in the above specification list. Namely between the GTX 1080 Ti Memory specification & that of the 1080 Titan - same GPU, different memory interface. From a production stand point this makes little sense and it is extremely unlikely that NVIDIA would do this.

Secondly; the GTX 1080 & 1080 Ti is slated to utilise GDDR5 over GDDR5X - again, very unlikely considering the performance advantages GDDR5X has over GDDR5 when looking to a performance graphics card.

As we reported recently; PASCAL is very likely to make it's debut at next months GTC (GPU Technology Conference).

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