NVIDIA Schedule Delayed GTC Keynote For May 14th

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅27.04.2020 22:03:52

In a sea of disappointment there's now some good news in the world of technology: NVIDIA will finally be able to broadcast their delayed GTC Keynote next month, helmed by CEO and keen leather jacket aficionado Jensen Huang. The presentation will be livestreamed via Youtube.com/nvidia on May 14th rather than in front of a large in-person audience, maintaining some of the social distancing rules put in place last month at their Santa Clara HQ.

In terms of content to expect in the Keynote, NVIDIA are hinting rather heavily at something major. They're extolling virtual attendees to 'Get Amped' for the latest innovations in AI, Deep Learning, Autonomous Vehicles, Robotics and Professional Graphics, but one can't help but deduce that this is a not-so-veiled reference towards their upcoming (and much-rumoured) Ampere graphics microarchitecture.

Those hoping for detailed information on the consumer graphics applications of Ampere may be left wanting, but the wider IT industry will likely discover more about key Ampere architectural capabilities (including RTX technologies and deep learning) and could even see professional Quadro and Tesla models set for release later this year. While pre-announcements of GeForce RTX 30-series GPUs are always possible, the smart money appears to be on a reveals in late Summer or early Autumn.

In the mean time catalogue catalogue of pre-recorded GTC 2020 sessions can be browsed at the official microsite.

Tune into the keynote by pointing your browser to Youtube.com/NVIDIA at 6am Pacific Time (2pm BST, 3pm CEST) on Thursday May 14th. A VOD should be available shortly after its conclusion.


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