NVIDIA To Host Livestream Ahead Of CES

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.01.2014 11:06:51

CES 2014, the biggest technology show in North America, kicks off in only a few days time and NVIDIA aim to begin it with a splash. News through the grapevine is that they're preceding the event with an invite only conference & live stream from Las Vegas, hosted at blogs.nvidia.com. As you would expect the details of announcements are sketchy ahead of time, but their Tegra mobile platform and new gaming technologies are expected to be the focus. It is likely that G-Sync will also be thrust into the limelight once again as monitor manufacturers turn expressions of interest into tangible products.

NVIDIA's livestream is set to begin at 8PM Pacific Time (Las Vegas Local), 4am GMT on Sunday evening/Monday morning. It's a late night for those in Europe and hopefully they'll be rewarded; however if you're not able to be up for a pre-dawn show it will be available on demand following its conclusion.

CES in Las Vegas is a marquee event for manufacturers in the consumer electronic space, but with the recent release of the two next generation consoles it's taken on an added dimension with regards to gaming. Making an impact here is important for stakeholders in PC gaming, with both 4K monitors and game streaming likely to exploit the potential only found in the home PC.

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