NVIDIA Working On A Dual-GK110 Card?

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅06.01.2014 11:32:19

It wouldn't be CES-week without a few juicy rumours floating around, and this weekend one surfaced which was an absolute doozy. According to Chinese site MyDrivers.com, and reported by Hardware-360 and Tweaktown, the Green Team may be preparing something special to regain the undisputed single-card speed crown whilst simultaneously taking the 'card I'll need to give up my car to afford it' honours - a dual-GPU monster.

In this case it won't be a suped-up version of the GTX 690 with two well selected GK104's; instead the whisper is that this GTX 790 will feature two SLI'd GK110's, a variant of same GPU seen in the GTX 780 Ti and GTX Titan. Each GPU will have 2496 CUDA Cores - more than the GTX 780, but less than the Titan and GTX 780 Ti - and will leverage NVIDIA's uneven memory bus-width tech for a 320-bit wide bus and 5GB GDDR5 RAM per GPU.

Power requirements will be intriguing. Although the GK110 is fairly efficient it's still very large and quite power-hungry on its own; two will need considerable amounts of juice supplied to them. The compact design of the image above shows two 8-pin connectors, but similar dual-GPU configurations of previous generations have featured as many as three 8-pin connectors (although these have been heavily overclocked boutique versions).

The cooler could be some variant of the well-regarded reference NVIDIA GTX 690's, with one radial fan and exhaust points at the front and rear. Otherwise they could take some notes from ASUS, now past masters of cooling solutions for their MARS range of heavily overclocked NVIDIA dual-GPU solutions.

There's no news of a release date, and if you have to ask the price you probably won't be able to afford one.

Source: MyDrivers.com via Hardware-360

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