Nvidia's GTX595 will use two GF110 GPUs

👤by Alex Hull Comments 📅10.01.2011 14:48:29

FudZilla is now reporting that the new, now dubbed, GTX 595 (aka GTX 590), will definitely make use of the GF110 core. This isn't in any way confirmed by Nvidia. It's also claimed that there will be no GF104 based dual GPU card.

EVGA's new card has been seen at CES 2011 last week, being the first sighting of what may well be the fastest graphics card ever produced. How exactly the specifications pan out remains to be see. Last week Vortez offered some speculation.

EVGA's new Nvidia dual GPU card is large with plenty of cooling. Source:TechReport

The main competition to this card will be AMD's HD 6990 (code name Antilles), which is expected to appear some time in Q1. Both cards will be very power hungry and will require ambitious cooling solutions.

Source: FudZilla

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