NVIDIA's GeForce 384.94 WHQL Drivers Are Game Ready For LawBreakers

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NVIDIA's Game Ready Drivers for their GeForce GTX GPUs are a fixture of the gaming calender, releasing regularly alongside an early access preview or full launch of major new games. It's not often however that new features are debuted but such is the case today, as the latest update supports the official launch of Nexon's LawBreakers on PC.

Naturally, the most important feature of the Game Ready 384.94 WHQL update are performance optimisations to boost the launch experience of new games from day one. That said, alongside these improvements to LawBreakers are similar updates for Fortnite's Early Access release, ARK: Survival Evolved's official release, and the release of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (available on August 8th). Such optimisations are exactly what new games need, doubly so in the case of an online and competitive FPS where ensuring a high and smooth frame rate is essential. However that's not the limit of the new new driver package.

New Features

NVIDIA Shadowplay Highlights has been incorporated into LawBreakers and will be available with the latest Game Ready Driver. This new ShadowPlay feature allows you to configure the game and GeForce Experience to automatically record in-game highlights of notable moments, so you never have to take your eyes from the action. This new feature is currently exclusive to LawBreakers, but may be rolled out to more titles in the not-too distant future.

EVE: Valkyrie Cockpit Shot With Ultra Graphics

Fans of space shooters and the EVE universe will be pleased to discover that the EVE: Valkyrie Ultra Graphics mode is supported by this new driver. Announced earlier this month, this optional set of tweaks unlocks higher fidelity graphics on NVIDIA hardware by leveraging VRWorks, NVIDIA Volumetric Lighting and a new '175%' anti-aliasing technique known as MSGAA (the latter of which is tailored specifically to the GTX 1080 Ti).

CCP and NVIDIA recommend the following minimum hardware specifications for Ultra Graphics

- NVIDIA GTX 1070 graphics card
- Intel Core i5-4590 processor

Learn more about EVE Valkyrie's Ultra Graphics mode at https://www.evevalkyrie.com/articles/news/eve-valkyrie-on-the-cutting-edge.

More Ansel

The new GeForce Drivers add NVIDA Ansel support to ARK: Survival Involved and Dark and Light. This 'super-screenshot' tool allows the creation of exceptionally high fidelity screenshots in 2D, 360-degree and stereoscopic 360 (i.e. dual-view) quickly and easily. Furthermore, auxiliary tools allow quick exporting to external devices such as smartphones to easily display the images created on media that best supports them, including VR headsets.

Get More From GeForce Experience

These drivers, which have been put through Microsoft's WHQL certification program, are available through the GeForce Experience desktop app. In addition to one-button optimisations and features such as ShadowPlay, registering an NVDIA account for use with GeForce Experience also qualifies you for giveaways and special offers. Currently registered are being entered into a draw to win a copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda, with the draw taking place on August 1st.

For more information on the latest drivers visit https://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/lawbreakers-game-ready-driver

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