NVIDIA's SHIELD Android TV Just Got More Tempting

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅16.11.2015 15:04:04

Last month NVIDIA exhorted Europe to Rule The Livingroom with the release of the SHIELD Android TV - console-like hardware for gaming natively, online or streaming from your PC. Powered by the Tegra X1 SOC, a design with many of the hallmarks of their Maxwell GPU architecture, the SHIELD Android TV in combination with GeForce NOW cloud gaming can provide a smooth 1080p 60fps experience in over 50 PC games; pair it with a NVIDIA-powered PC and your options increase up to 4K resolution streaming over a home network. Impressive.

However, with all the boasting of the hardware's immense gaming potential, the SHIELD Android TV's potential as a living room local and streaming media player has tended to be lost in the discussion. Today NVIDIA aim to change that, re-emphasising this strength by bundling the SHIELD Remote with both 16GB and 500GB models. At launch the SHIELD Remote was priced at a hefty 39.99, so that's a not insubstantial amount of value.

The remote itself is a deceptively unassuming piece of lightweight kit. Interfacing with the SHIELD Android TV over Bluetooth, the remote only features three buttons and a circular dial. The killer feature is hinted at by the lowest of the buttons, marked with a microphone. Press this and the SHIELD Android TV will respond to voice commands through the remote, unlocking new navigation options within the SHIELD OS.

To celebrate the new offer NVIDIA dropped a living room out the back of a C-130 Hercules, the same plane used in the infamous Plane Drop scene in Furious 7. Or did they? Tricky thing about NVIDIA - it's often difficult to tell what's real and what's hyper-realistic computer graphics. Check the stunt out for yourself here:


In the U.K. the SHIELD (16GB) Android TV costs 149.99 while SHIELD Pro (500GB) is 229.99, both of which now come with SHIELD Controller and Remote as standard. The stand costs 24.99 and an additional SHIELD gamepad controller costs 49.99.

SHIELD is available at select partners, including Amazon in U.K., France and Germany as well as MediaMarkt, Saturn, Game and Elkjop.

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