NVIDIA's TITAN X Now Available

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅02.08.2016 16:07:25

NVIDIA and their partners in the system integrator retail sector are now ready for what's likely to be extensive interest in the latest TITAN-class graphics card, the all new NVIDIA TITAN X with Pascal technology.

Based on the latest 16nm Pascal micro-architecture, the new TITAN X is a card designed for Deep Learning research and absolute premium gaming alike. At its heart is the GP102 GPU, capable of 11 TFLOPS of FP32 performance thanks to 3584 CUDA cores running at 1.5GHz backed by 12GB GDDR5X VRAM. Clocked at 10Gbps and with a 356-bit wide bus, the GPU's cutting edge memory architecture also supplies it with a memory bandwidth of 480GB/sec. These specs put even the GTX 1080 - the current previous fastest card available - in the shade.

It had been announced prior to launch that the new TITAN X could only be purchased from NVIDIA's web shop as a standalone product, and that's still the case for the time being. UK and EU pricing has been revealed alongside the listings going live:

UK: 1,099 (http://www.geforce.co.uk/hardware/10series/titan-x/)

Norway: 12,999 NOK (https://www.nvidia.no/graphics-cards/geforce/pascal/titan-x/)

Sweden: 12,999 SEK (https://www.nvidia.se/graphics-cards/geforce/pascal/titan-x/)

Finland: 1,349 EUR (https://www.nvidia.fi/graphics-cards/geforce/pascal/titan-x/)

Denmark: 9,999 DKK (http://www.nvidia.dk/graphics-cards/geforce/pascal/titan-x/)

Netherlands: 1,310 (http://www.nvidia.nl/graphics-cards/geforce/pascal/titan-x/)

* Limit 2 per customer

If there is no official web shop in your neck of the woods fear not, the card should also be available from retailers in those specific regions. However that is the exception rather than the norm for this particular SKU.

At 1099 you're certainly paying a premium price, but it bears remembering that this card is not primarily a gaming product. Like all TITAN models this new card straddles the line between enthusiast and professional, and for the first time explicitly includes Deep Learning research institutions (and individuals therein) in the latter. It's also NVIDIA's most complex and intricate desktop GPU to date, and at 471mm^2 is by some margin the largest Pascal GPU currently available to consumers of any stripe. In many respects it would be surprising if the price weren't particularly hefty compared to standard consumer cards.

Despite the size and complexity of the new GPU its power and cooling requirements aren't out of the ordinary for a high-end model. A 6-pin + 8-pin configuration returns alongside the increasingly familiar Founder's Edition cooler, and it should be interesting to see if the latter can effectively cool the card during extended high load scenarios. As with the GeForce GTX 1080, each new TITAN X is capable of up to 2-way SLI, as well as additional multi-GPU configurations as defined by DirectX 12.

System Integrators Europe-wide are also releasing new system configurations with the TITAN X at their heart. In the UK both Scan.co.uk and PC Specialist have ranges that are equipped with the new flagship and offer additional config. options, whilst Nordic nations will find a range of designs from Komplett and INET.

SCAN Computers - 3XS Series Systems:

Scan 3XS Z170 Vengeance X

Scan 3XS X99 Carbon X

Scan 3XS X99 Carbon X SLI


PC Specialist - TITAN ELITE, TITAN PRO, TITAN ULTRA Series Systems

All Titan-equipped Systems

More detailed information on the NVIDIA TITAN X is available on the official landing page at http://www.geforce.com/hardware/10series/titan-x-pascal. ASIC partners such as ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE are unlikely to offer their own versions of this card (including 3rd-party cooling), so we would advise not waiting around if you were expecting that to be the case. The likelihood of a spin-off GeForce GTX 1080Ti for the enthusiast gaming market, and all that entails, remains to be seen.

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