NZXT C1000 Gold Power Supply Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.05.2022 17:37:24

NZXT introduces their latest addition to their PSU line-up, the NZXT C1000 Gold modular power supply unit. With the higher power demands of high-performance top-end graphics cards like the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti and newly released AMD Radeon RX 6950, more and more gaming PCs and workstations require 1000 watts of clean and reliable power. The NZXT C1000 Gold PSU provides just that.

The NZXT C1000 Gold is the brand's highest wattage model under the NZXT C-Series power supply units. However, this PSU lacks the PCIe 5.0 16-pin power connector that the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards use. For graphics cards, the NZXT C1000 Gold comes with four 6+2-pin PCIe power cables. While NZXT markets this power supply as one that supports the latest high-end graphics cards, users would still require using the 16-pin adapters for certain NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics cards.

NZXT C1000 Gold Connectors
1x 24-pin ATX power
2x 4+4-pin CPU power
6x 6+2-pin PCIe power
6x SATA power
6x Peripherals

Availability, Warranty, and Pricing
The NZXT C1000 Gold power supply unit backed with a 10-year warranty. The new NZXT C1000 Gold PSU is now available on for $179.99.