NZXT Introduces Improved CAM 3.5 PC Monitoring Software

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅03.10.2017 20:14:57

Press Release

NZXT introduces the new and improved CAM 3.5 PC monitoring software. CAM 3.5 combines new features to optimize your PCs performance and how it functions along with improved information readability. The new CAM 3.5 now utilizes less than 1% and 120MB in most scenarios with better optimization on CPU and memory load. With that, the CAM 3.5 is significantly lighting to run in the background compared to previous versions. The NZXT CAM 3.5 also features an entirely new and redesigned UI to improve readability and to streamline the CAM user experience.

CAM 3.5 Key Features and Improvements at Launch

New UI design makes CAM even easier to use
- New dashboard highlighting the essential information
- Updated navigation, each tab is organized by functionality
- New, easier to read graphs
- CPU graphs can now show up to 8 cores at a time vs. 4 before, adapting to newer CPUs
- Smaller footprint interface but with the same information and improved readability
- Updated brand identity for better consistency
Improved Games page that now allows you to see CPU & GPU temperatures simultaneously along the FPS
Updated games page shows more history (up to 30 games from 8 before)
More comprehensive translation coverage
New Drivers page that allows you to install the necessary drivers for your CAM-powered components
Easier sync control - now you can change colours on the fly in Sync mode for certain Preset modes
Increased GPU overclocking potential: the power limit was raised from 110% to 120% to support more NVIDIA GPUs

CAM 3.5 Upcoming Improvements by October

CPU overclocking: now you can overclock your Intel CPU and GPU in the same app
Improved Game Overlay coverage: CAM will now work with games covered by EasyAntiCheat and Battleye, including many popular games such as PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, Arma III, DayZ, H1Z1, Ark: Survival, For Honor, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, and much more. The full list can be found on and
Updated mobile clients (iOS and Android): matching the desktop CAM 3.5 experience

CAM 3.5 is available now for download on desktop by visiting our website at For the mobile app, visit the App Store and Google Play Store later October.

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