NZXT Launch FZ-Series Fans

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅03.04.2012 23:12:30

Fans appear to be a common theme this week, with NZXT releasing a new set they have dubbed the 'FZ-Series'. Only the two most common sizes for PC chassis fans, 120mm and 140mm, will be catered to with the FZ's, but what it lacks in size range are made up with different aesthetic options. The straight FZ-series are plain mono-chrome white blade on black bracket, whilst the FZ LED range are each one of five different colours: red, blue, orange, white and green.

From the look of the images, the lighting is channeled throught the blades rather than the housing, improving both the look and the general illumination provided by the fan. They claim that the dense blade arrangement is optimised for air flow (84 cfm) at low noise (24dB), and features a long-life bearing backed by a 2yr warranty. All in all, should be a pretty good alternative to some other fans currently on the market.

Source: NZXT Blog