NZXT Launches Puck Man to Save Sagging Graphics Cards!

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅31.03.2017 23:09:48

Got sagging graphics card problem? Don't worry, Puck Man is here to save your rig! NZXT, the creators of Puck, now launches Puck Man to help you battle graphics card sagging problems. Puck Man doesnít only save your graphics card from its fight against gravity, it is also a cool Superhero thatís a great addition to your gaming rig.

Puck Manís Powers
Magnetism - The main source of all of Puck Manís power is the ability to manipulate metallic elements. With this power, Puck Man can easily overcome the most vicious of sagging GPUs by controlling his positioning in metal cases.
Super Strength - A by-product of his magnetic powers, Puck Manís super strength allows him to easily hold up the most monstrous of graphics cards with little effort.
Temperature Absorption - Always training in the most extreme of conditions, no overclocked PC is too hot or liquid-cooled PC too frigid to prevent Puck Man from saving the day!

Check out the NZXT Puck Man at the NZXT website. You can view and download the Puck Man manga as well at the NZXT website. The Puck Man graphics card support/holder has an MSRP of $20.17.

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