NZXT Launches Relay Audio Line

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.06.2023 23:30:09

NZXT launches the NZXT Relay Audio line consisting of a headset, stereo speakers, a subwoofer, and a headset stand with mixer. NZXT Relay is a high-fidelity hardware ecosystem that provides remarkable sound on its own but comes alive when combined. With the NZXT SwitchMix headset stand and mixer, users can seamlessly switch between the headset and speakers.

NZXT Relay Headset

The NZXT Relay Headset offers heightened audio detail, an expanded frequency range, and a neutral sound profile—all in a comfy, lightweight frame.

Hi-Res Audio delivers higher frequencies and enhanced detail
Sonically accurate drivers provide a neutral sound profile
Lightweight, adjustable frame evenly distributes weight
DTS Headphone:X delivers precise 3D spatial audio
Memory foam cushions with leatherette covers
Detachable, unidirectional mic with built-in pop filter
Customize sound settings in NZXT CAM software

NZXT Relay Speakers

Available in black and white colours, immerse yourself in in-game soundscapes with 80W power, silk dome tweeters, and glass fibre woofers, delivering natural highs and rich lows.

Designed for close-up listening with a high dynamic range
80 watts of total power for room-filling sound
Silk dome tweeters and glass fibre woofers
Compact size fits comfortably on the desktop
High-quality construction for distortion-free audio
3.5 mm and RCA inputs ensure versatile connectivity

NZXT Relay Subwoofer

Enjoy deep, ground-shaking bass with 140 watts of power and a down-firing 6.5-inch driver. Precisely tune your audio with adjustable crossover and phase control knobs.

Down-firing woofer and 140 watts of power for deep bass
Adjustable crossover and phase control knobs
Compact size fits comfortably underneath the desk
High-quality construction for distortion-free audio

NZXT SwitchMix

Seamlessly switch between headset and speakers, balance in-game sound and chat with the studio-grade slider, and experience high-resolution audio.

Instantly switch between headset and speaker audio
Fade between in-game and voice chat audio
24-bit / 96 kHz DAC provides high-resolution audio
DTS 7.1 surround sound for compatible devices
Customize sound settings in NZXT CAM software
Stand stores headset neatly when not in use

Availability and Pricing
The new NZXT Relay Audio line is now available on, see pricing below.
NZXT Relay Headset (Black/White): $99.99
NZXT Relay Speakers (Black/White): $249.99
NZXT Relay Subwoofer (Black): $149.99
NZXT SwitchMix Headset Stand with Mixer (Black): $129.99

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