NZXT Presents Hyper Beast Concept Art For N7 Motherboard

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅16.04.2018 16:03:34

NZXT launched the Limited Edition NZXT H440 Hyper Beast in 2016 which the brand released 1,337 units. The CS:GO skin-inspired chassis was a huge success and with the popular came another limited edition chassis Ė the NZXT S340 Elite Hyper Beast limited edition chassis which was released the next year with 1,337 units as well. The limited edition Hyper Beast designs werenít limited to NZXTís cases, NZXT also made Hyper Beast t-shirts which were also a huge success. Now, NZXT once again introduces the Hyper Beast design for the recently released NZXT N7 Z370 motherboard which is also NZXTís first ever motherboard.

NZXT collaborated and worked closely with the Hyper Beastís designer, Brock Hofer, for the past NZXT products that sport the CS:GO skin design to ensure the product would represent his art in the best way possible. The NZXT Hyper Beast products feature custom variants of the original design which Brock specifically designed even the t-shirt.

NZXT is planning to slap the Hyper Beast design into the NZXT N7 Z370 motherboard. The motherboard features a unique all-metal heat sink cover which is a perfect canvas for the Hyper Beast design. The motherboard would then be a perfect complement for any of the released Hyper Beast cases to create a seamless Hyper Beast inspired desktop PC. NZXT once again worked with Brock Hofer and provided some NZXT N7 Hyper Beast concepts featured below.

Hereís a look when installed inside one of the NZXT Hyper Beast limited edition cases

NZXT N7 Z370 Hyper Beast Survey

While NZXT isnít planning to releasing a NZXT N7 Z370 Hyper Beast just yet, NZXT wants to know which concept art you would prefer. Visit the survey here.

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