NZXT Updates Warranty on NZXT BLD PCs To Allow XMP

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NZXT updates its warranty policy on NZXT BLD pre-build PCs with regards to the use of XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles). XMP is a feature in memory modules that allow users to boost memory performance by tweaking the modules to run at a higher frequency. It is the simplest memory overclocking that only requires a few changes in the BIOS settings which is significantly easier than manual memory overclocking.

It has been observed that NZXT’s BLD pre-built PCs run the default speed of any installed memory which is usually at 2400MHz. If users enable the XMP profile, users can run the memory at the manufacturer’s advertised speed of 3200MHz. It was also observed that enabling XMP would violate NZXT warranty. Today, NZXT revised its warranty policy regarding XMP use.

XMP and Warranty

As for NZXT, they acknowledge that XMP is still a form of overclocking which sends higher voltage than stock settings which poses a risk of hardware failure and higher temperatures. Nevertheless, NZXT decided to adopt the feature into their official warranty.

Enabling XMP

NZXT published a help article on how to get XMP enabled on your NZXT BLD PC. Visit NZXT’s XMP Guide and FAQ here. Users can also contact NZXT Support to get assistance from NZXT’s customer support team.

XMP on NZXT BLD Orders

NZXT will also be allowing buyers to enable XMP on BLD orders by default in the future. NZXT has begun testing hardware to explore shipping NZXT BLD PC’s with pre-enabled XMP.

Source: NZXT Blog

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