O2 Gives Your Phone Number to Websites

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅25.01.2012 12:21:32

O2, a UK mobile phone and broadband provider has been caught in a sneaky scheme where they give customer's mobile phone numbers to the websites they visit using their mobile phones. The extent of data given by O2 appears to be dependent on which handset the customer is using. If you visit here using your phone without using WiFi you should be able to see all the data collected from your device.

Lewis Peckover confronted O2 on Twitter in a statement saying

“So, @O2 send my phone no in an HTTP header to every site I browse. WTF? Is this normal?”

O2 have responded saying

“We’re investigating this with our internal teams, and will come back with more as soon as possible.”

Increasing numbers of concerned customers have been contacting and tweeting @O2 about the situation as O2 investigate. It will be interesting to see how this develops considering how easy it was to discover the information was being given out and it raises questions such as, 'How long it has been going on for?'. The increase in awareness of online free speech and privacy concerns with SOPA, PIPA and ACTA protests, it is understandable how people may be anxious of why such information is being transmitted in the first place.

O2 continue to update their Twitter page as the investigation continues.


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O2 Gives Your Phone Number to Websites


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#22765 Posted on: 25.01.2012 13:20:42
Are they still doing this???? Sneaky b******s...

About 7 years ago all the mobile phone companies (like one2one [02], T-mobile, Orange, just pretty much all of them) Did this as standard and used to give all your personal details to databases whenever you singed up for a contract without you knowing for money, and is how you would get a call from someone trying to sell you something, or junk mail through you letter box, or even email.

They got lit up about it after people found out and it was a big thing if anyone remembers and all over the news, some of the companies had to go to court and they stopped it immediately.
Im pretty shocked and annoyed just for the sake of them still trying some way to make money off of peoples personal details without them knowing....... Why do they have to do it lol? Not good

O2 Gives Your Phone Number to Websites


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#22766 Posted on: 25.01.2012 13:57:57
I can see this hitting watchdog!

O2 Gives Your Phone Number to Websites


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#22769 Posted on: 25.01.2012 14:58:57
been reading about Tmobile and them blocking certain protocols

Apparently O2 have/starting to fix the issue.

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