OCUK's Latest Black Friday Deals - A Few Highlights

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅24.11.2017 11:41:16

Today is Black Friday, and UK retailer OverclockersUK have shared some extra special deals which may tempt the final pounds out of your wallets which haven't already been depleted in the past week. We've compiled some highlights below, but they're by some margin not the full scope of even the products added today, so for a full list be sure to check out the OCUK Black Friday Specials page.

Virtual Reality

First off, lets get things under way with a focus on VR. You may have already picked up a brand new graphics card this week, but how about going whole hog and investing in some Premium VR hardware from HTC VIVE or Oculus, because either are an option.

The HTC VIVE today is down to 599 from 699, a cool 100 saving. Not only that, a few bundled items are also included to get you under way in your adventures: copies of Fallout 4 and DOOM, and the deluxe audio strap for the headset. Very nice indeed.

If something a little more affordable in the spectrum of Premium VR is more your scene, how about this deal for the Ultimate Oculus Rift Bundle. Now 349, it includes Rift HMD and Touch Controllers, as well as access to the Oculus Store of VR titles and support for many other games you may already have bought.


Three AOC monitors have been added to the sale today, two of which are price below the psychological 100 barrier. However we want to highlight the third, a 32" 1440p panel with FreeSync support. The AOC Q3279VWF is down to 199.99 from 299.99, and would be a great match to an AMD GPU for gaming.

PC Cases

A metric tonne of PC cases are now part of OCUK Black Friday Sale, with more added every time we blink. We're offering up half a dozen different models from various manufacturers, but just delving deep into the full list could flag up the chassis you were always hoping for.

First up, the Phanteks Evolv ITX Glass is available for 27% off the MSRP, down to 59.99. With black or white exterior, the small form factor chassis has a tempered glass side panel for unobstructed views of your case interior. Furthermore the price also includes a free Halos 140mm RGB LED fan frame for just a touch more bling.

Next, the NZXT H440 in White/Purple is down 20% to 92.99. This full tower chassis with idiosyncratic colouring is enormously well appointed, and garnered our Gold Award for all-round excellence when we reviewed it.

79.99 Sale Models Don't Include RGB Fans

On the newer end of the release spectrum is the Lian Li Alpha 330W, available in white or black. Another mid-tower ATX chassis, it too features a tempered glass side panel and comprehensive radiator support. It will even accommodate EATX motherboards, which isn't not something you see very day from mid-tower designs. Down 20%, it can be purchased for 79.99

Finally, there is the In Win 805 in Gold or Red. Somewhat out of left-field I know, it's a striking ATX case that looks like no other. Check it out for 109.99.


Two PSU deals caught our eye in today's listing, both from premium and typically reliable manufacturers (which is ever so important for this component) but not quite offering the same functionality.

Corsair's HX850i is (as the name suggests) an 850W PSU with modular cabling, immediately making it a cut above the rest of the field in reducing clutter. As an 850W design it's somewhat overkill for standard systems, but very well suited for high performance rigs with 2-way multi-GPU configurations or heavily overclocked CPUs. Platinum rated, and with thermally controlled fans to ensure low-noise operation under suitable load, it's available for 129.99

The Seasonic Focus Plus 850W PSU is of a slightly different breed. This sale model is also 850W, and also modular, but utilises a compact (140mm depth) form factor which could be ideal for smaller builds and cramped chassis internals. Rated at 80PLUS Gold, it's available today for just a smidge under 100.


Lets quickly move on to storage. Ever an un-sexy necessity, it still needs to be addressed in a new build or for back-up/NAS functionality. Thankfully OCUK have a couple of essentials from Seagate to pick up the slack: the Ironwolf HDD Range, available in 3TB and 6TB models, is designed for the use conditions of NAS storage and offers enhanced long-term reliability. Every-day use meanwhile is catered to thanks to the 3TB Barracuda. All use SATA 3, so shouldn't have any compatibility issues with modern motherboards.

Also under the storage umbrella is the Western Digital 4TB MyCloud EX2 ULTRA NAS, which is well worth considering if you're not already all in on NAS for your home or office. A 2-bay design for 3.5" HDDs, it has Gigabit Ethernet and dual-USB 3.0 connectivity and intuitive management software. Pick one up for 239.99, almost 15% off the list price.


Phew, we're now on the home stretch as we move on to peripherals. Masses of keyboards, mice and more are part of OCUK's sale, but we're going to highly just three that appear particularly mouth-watering.

Frankly, the SteelSeries Rival 700 is a steal at 44.99. A Vortez Gold Award winner, it's an all around premium mouse that launched with a 90 MSRP. An excellent sensor with zero acceleration is married to a comfortable body with innovative features such as vibration alerts and small OLED screen. Definitely check it if you're in the market for a gaming upgrade.

The last two products are both from Corsair, and both feature hefty reductions.

If a mechanical gaming keyboard is what you desire then look no further than the Corsair RapidFire, a tenkeyless design with Cherry's MX Speed RGB switches for ultra-fast response times thanks to very low actuation distances. Naturally it's also backlit, per-key, and incorporates Corsair's RGB lighting software.

Meanwhile, the Void Pro USB RGB Headset in White has been bundled with its matching ST100 RGB stand. Both utilise Corsair RGB lighting software, allowing for synchronised lighting effects across compatible components, and the Void Pro provides excellent audio reproduction for gaming as well as noise isolation for a more immersive experience. Together they are priced at 99.99, a saving of 50 off the list price.


So, sixteen new deals out of over a hundred at OCUK's Black Friday sale. Be sure to peruse the whole list at https://www.overclockers.co.uk/offers/black-friday featuring many more brands and product categories including CPUs, GPUs, motherboards and a few surprises. Meanwhile, we're off to give our wallets a well-earned rest.

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