OCZ reassures customers on RAM warranty

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As most of you will probably already know OCZ recently announced their intention to pull out of the DRAM market in order to focus more on SSDs. It is a shame they have made this decision as they made themselves very competitive and had many good product lines at a reasonable price. I have had a couple of sets and still have some in my PC now and I’ve never had any issues over them (fingers crossed, never will).

Part of the appeal of OCZ was the fact the ram modules were backed by a lifetime warranty. So what is going to happen with this claim? The guys at HardwareCanucks have managed to score a conversation with OCZ’s CMO Alex Mei in order to clarify and reassure us customers that all is not lost with our precious lifetime warranties. Read below for the dialogue:

Q: We received a tip from one of our forums members, that owners of DDR2 memory modules, and potentially DDR, were unable to obtain replacements for their dated modules and were instead being offered comparable DDR3 replacements, or a refund or credit? Will this be common practice, and is there an adequate amount of DDR3 modules in supply to fulfill future RMA requests?
A( Alex): We will have a good supply of modules for the coming months to support customers should they require a replacement for any reason. In the event that there is not a replacement part in stock we provide customers with either a credit/refund. We will not leave customers hanging and at this current time continue to sell a wide range of memory modules through this wind down period.

Q: Is “refund” a monetary refund, or just a credit towards another OCZ product?
A (Alex): It is either depending on the customer, product and situation. In some cases customer may wish to move to another OCZ solution and we will provide a credit that can be used towards another memory kit we have in stock or even another product type (example: SSD or PSU). If a monetary refund is preferred we will provide this to customers at fair market value.

Q: Will the “lifetime” warranty continue to be a “lifetime”, or has there been a fine print clause that now places a limit on the time frame a user can request an RMA?
A (Alex): The warranty for the memory products has not changed at all. While we may not always have replacement product for customers in the long term through the variety of methods we mentioned earlier we will continue to support our customers whether through replacement, credit towards another product or refund. We appreciate all our customers business and will work with all of them to make sure they are taken care of should any issues arise. As we shift our focus from DRAM to SSDs we want to make sure that all of our loyal customers that purchased memory are supported and if anyone has any issues whatsoever they are encouraged to contact our forum support and customer service team.

From this we can be assured that OCZ hasn’t forgotten about the most important people (the customer) and we can rest easy knowing that if the unfortunate should happen we can still go back and get some backing from OCZ.


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