OCZ Technology Announce the Successful Transition to 2Xnm

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Press Release

OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (Nasdaq:OCZ), a leading provider of high-performance solid-state drives (SSDs) for computing devices and systems, today announces it is the first SSD manufacturer to successfully complete the transition to 2Xnm NAND flash-based storage solutions with the goal of significantly driving down the cost of client SSDs.

“OCZ is constantly exploring ways to not just advance solid state drive design but also make the technology more affordable, while maintaining high performance and reliability standards. We are excited to complete the transition to the next generation 2Xnm NAND components which reiterates our strategy of producing high performance SSDs at the most attractive price point available for consumer applications.”

Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group

As the industry transitions to a 2Xnm fabrication process, OCZ remains focused on delivering a high-performance solution at a lower price point, continuing to pave the way for SSDs to become more accessible to the complete range of consumers, and to ultimately replace traditional mechanical hard drives over the next few years.

OCZ continues to lead the way by reducing the cost of SSDs by the use of 2Xnm technology, but will continue to offer the older flash technology in select SSD products with a higher price per gigabyte. OCZ’s 2Xnm?based SSDs carry the same warranty as the earlier 3Xnm versions, and it is the Company’s objective is to continue to deliver the very best balance of affordability, performance, and capacity to ensure an optimal computing experience.

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