On the First Day of QuakeCon At Home, Bethesda & noblechairs Present the HERO: DOOM Edition

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅07.08.2020 11:00:57

In May noblechairs and Bethesda Softworks teamed up to present the HERO: Fallout Vault-Tec Edition, the first gaming chair designed under a new brand partnership. Today they’re taking inspiration from a critically acclaimed reboot to return with the next franchise tie-in, the HERO: DOOM Edition. This new gaming chair variant created in partnership with the publishing giant is available today from noblechairs.com and other online retailers.

The HERO: Vault-Tec Edition was a homage to the Fallout franchise, upholstered in livery consistent with the Vault Corporation and the game’s survivalist themes. Similarly, noblechairs’ DOOM Edition draws heavily from the themes and iconography of the DOOM franchise, particularly its 2016 tour de force.

Building on the excellent core design of the HERO gaming chair - which earned the Vortez Premium award when reviewed it in 2018 - the DOOM Edition is decked out in an all-black base with blood red accents. The most eye-catching visual feature however is the iconic glyph of the DOOM Slayer, prominently displayed on the front of the chair.

The chair back isn’t left out. In addition to the ‘RIP AND TEAR’ franchise motto a large pentagram is printed in red on the backrest, thus saving it from blandness, the worst of aesthetic sins. Literally topping the overall design is the DOOM series logo, stitched in black on the front and white on the rear.

As a member of the noblechairs HERO range the DOOM Edition incorporates core features that make it a comfortable and durable seat for extended gaming sessions for years to come. They include:

- Adjustable lumbar support for your lower back
- Memory foam embedded into the headrest for improved comfort
- Durable, easy-clean, water-resistant and breathable
- Larger surface area for the seat
- and backrest, optimised for long gaming sessions
- Individually adjustable seat height
- Supports a weight of up to 150Kg

Fans of the DOOM franchise, from its humble pre-2000 beginnings to the rejuvenated technological juggernaut of today, will no doubt be salivating over this potential new addition to their arsenal of peripherals. Streamers too, both novice and established, will lust after the striking looks that may fit in well with their own personal style. Don’t be surprised if the design pops up to support your favourite Twitch.tv personality in the near future.

Check out the QuakeCon At Home online event today at Twitch.tv/Bethesda to see both the Fallout and DOOM Edition noblechairs in action.

The noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair - DOOM Edition is available to purchase from noblechairs.com and other online retailers with a price guidance of - EUR: 419,90€; GBP: £379.99; USD: $499.99. Prices are inclusive of V.A.T. where applicable.

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