Open Benchtable BC1 V2 Available Now

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.11.2021 14:45:20
Press Release

Streacom, in collaboration with the Open Benchtable team, are pleased to announce the BC1 V2, the most significant update to the design since its inception. The Open Benchtable BC1 V2 is the latest evolution and improved version of the successful Open Benchtable launched over five years ago. The V2 features a fresh design that incorporates many of the lessons learned from community feedback gathered over the years. The mini model also gets a V2 with the same set of new features.

Vertical Demo Mode
Perhaps the most notable new feature to the Open Benchtable BC1 V2 is the Vertical Demo Mode which allows users to set up the Open Benchtable upright. The BC1 V2 Mini also features the Vertical Demo Mode.

Upgraded Screws, Re-Designed Brackets, and Enhanced Usability
The Open Benchtable BC1 V2 and BC1 Mini V2 come with upgraded screws and removed the threads on the main panel which tends to loosen due to wear and tear. The V2s use a screw+nut design which also ensures stronger mounting to support heavier components.

Brackets, which evolved from V1 to V1.1, continue to change. The V2 twin-design bracket allows users to mount two items (upper and lower) from a single location. This also doubles up the usable mount location on the table.

Other New Features and Improvements
- Dual Power On button location option
- Added support for SFX PSUs
- Improved rubber pads on feet
- Standardized mounting hole spacing: 105mm (120mm fans) and 60mm
- The Open Benchtable is now easier to disassemble and pack
- Improved PSU mounting compatibility
- Better grip with handle cutouts that make the table easier to carry horizontally
- Introducing motherboard standoff clip for a more secure standoff installation
- Improved component placement simplifying disassembly
- More eco-friendly packaging

Pricing and Availability
The Open Benchtable BC1 V2 and BC1 Mini V2 are available in Black, Silver, and Titanium colours. The Open Benchtable BC1 V2 is now available for $199, shipping on mid-November. The Open Benchtable BC1 Mini V2 has an MSRP of $179, coming soon in Q1 2022. To order, please visit

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