Overclockers UK Opens The Tech Labs

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅09.12.2011 16:45:09


For years, Overclockers UK has evolved on a reputation for providing cutting edge performance hardware to enthusiasts. Specialist areas of computing have always been reserved for the enthusiast, time and research is always the key factor to a successful PC Mod. We understand that not everybody has hours to research which watercooling fittings they need or which soundproofing kit they should get for their system.

This is where OcUK Tech Labs come in.

OcUK Tech Labs is a branch of the OcUK Technical workshop where hardware is developed and improved. We strive for perfection so that you don’t have to. From cutting edge watercooled graphics cards to silenced cases, we offer it all.

Our Technical team have years of experience handling ultra high end computer hardware, they are the best of the best. We have selected our most experienced and capable staff members to create these products to ensure that each Tech Labs product is built to the most exacting standards.

We have carried out custom work for years at OcUK, our heavily publicised build logs, projects and overclocking reports give our customers an insight into what happens when you push hardware to its limits, or just strive to make the most incredible computer systems on the planet. The reception we get from customers and our forum members was the deciding factor in the founding of OcUK Tech Labs.

The Tech Labs range will be a constantly updating range where we aim to offer individual, custom modding services to the end user without this work costing the earth.

What we will be offering:

* Watercooled graphics cards
* Soundproofed cases
* Customised cases featuring lighting and fan modifications
* Watercooling kits
* Watercooled cases
* Watercooled motherboards

That’s not all, we plan on bringing more value to each OcUK Tech Labs products by adding guides and instructions to the more complicated products. Now, any computer enthusiast can have a totally silent custom watercooled system and be safe in knowledge that a professional has taken care of the difficult parts for them.

Easy, Affordable performance is now a reality.

For detailed information on the products offered by OcUK Tech Labs visit the landing page and join in on the discussion at the official OcUK Forums

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