Overclockers UK Take The 8 Pack Ethos To Infinity

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅17.10.2013 17:09:00


Newcastle-under-Lyme, Overclockers UK have launched a High End Range of systems dubbed the "Infinity Range. Channeling the hardware experience and world class skill of 8Pack, the Infinity Series of Systems were born.

Designed and engineered in a similar vein to the Ultra High End 8Pack system, the Infinity Systems have been developed with the enthusiast in mind, delivering a taste of the full 8Pack experience at a lighter price point. Channelling the hardware experience and world class skill of 8Pack, the Infinity Series of Systems were born. With dominating presence, the pure visual of an Infinity system will compel you to desire the performance that lies within. Clean modern lines, packed out with the latest, cutting edge technology, every component chosen for superior performance.

The Infinity System Range is composed of six different systems, three of which are air-cooled and three which are fully watercooled. Offering a range of cooling solutions which not only alter the visual dynamic of the systems yet provide a custom edge to an already head turning system. All Infinity Systems benefit from the Intel Core i7 Series of Processors, equipped with best of the best in CPU technology, the Infinity Systems mean serious business when it comes down to processing power. Sledgehammer graphics technology is employed by the Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 and Titan graphics cards, configured in SLI for firepower superiority.

Priced between 2200 and 4500, the Infinity Series is aimed squarely at the high end enthusiast market, not only for gaming but also for power intensive tasks which require workstation levels of performance to complete. Whether it is air cooling or watercooling, there is an Infinity system available for you. Our professional in-house technicians construct and complete the master crafting of an Infinity system from the ground up.

The six Infinity systems: Cube, Pulsar, Corona, Tesseract, Quasar & Eclipse are all overclocked above and beyond the realms of most standard gaming systems, reaching CPU speeds of up to 4.70GHz and memory speeds of 2133MHz. From large super tower chassis to smaller mid tower chassis, the Infinity Series is adaptable. Enjoy a computing experience that surpasses everything you have seen before.

For more information on the Infinity Range of Systems please click here: http://www.overclockers.co.uk/LP/infinity_series.php?pressreleases/2013/10/infinitysystems

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