OverclockersUK Launch The Titan Seraphim Sacred 3 Gaming PC

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Newcastle-Under-Lyme, August 6th 2014: Overclockers UK presents the Official "Titan Seraphim Sacred 3 Gaming PC"! Dedicated Sacred 3 gaming computer which comes in a unique Sacred 3 design with a laser engraving on the left side panel of an Aerocool DS 200 silent midi tower. For a limited time, customers will also receive a FREE copy of the brand new Sacred 3 title.

The detailed artwork shows the game’s logo along with thrilling characters in a martial fighting position. Guaranteed smooth and fluent frame rates are achieved through the rig’s exceptional render power with the customer being in control of the choices to select to their needs of operating system, Processor, Memory, hard drives and graphics card all being powered a highly efficient award winning Super Flower PSU. The customer can even choose how quickly he wants the system through our build time being able to turn around a system in 2 working days for an additional fee.

The Aerocool DS 200 midi tower is available in sundry refreshing colours and equipped with several interesting silent features (e.g. fan control, sound insulation, decoupling) and therefore a top choice for gamers, that want to immerse themselves in a game’s atmosphere without getting pulled out of the experience by far too noisy PCs. By taking into account the ingenious artwork, laser engraved into the side panel, the case, however, becomes the only choice for die-hard fans of the Sacred franchise and so, nothing will stand in the way to an undisturbed gaming experience!

The system has been specially priced sub £600 to hit customers who are on a tight budget but looking for ample performance.

System Details:

• Midi-Tower Aerocool DS 200 in a colour of your choosing with Sacred 3 laser engraving
• LED fans in a perfectly matching colour with orange lighting for gallant radiance
• H81M-Plus Mainboard by ASUS with Intel H81chipset
• Choice of 4th Generation Core-i CPU (Haswell/Haswell Refresh) with four cores
• Compact Raijintek Themis CPU cooler with C.D.C. technology and PWM fan
• Entry- or performance level gaming graphics card from NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX series
• Fast DDR3 memory as 8GB or 16GB kit
• Speedy solid state drive or big SSHD/HDD as primary storage device
• Reliable quality PSU by Super Flower with high efficiency & much power
• Optional: optical disc drive (choose between DVD or Blu-ray)
• Optional: Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 (64-bit) pre-installed

The experts of Overclockers UK will assemble the system providing the same amount of care, accuracy and love for detail for each and every complete PC. Their high level of know-how and inside knowledge of computers has been praised by demanding customers for years which ensures that computers bought at Overclockers UK are not just out of the box solutions, but rather feature specialities like pre-assembled custom water cooling, perfectly sound-insulated cases or powerful upgrade OC bundles. Featuring neat and precise cable management and every system needing to pass quality control before shipment, Overclockers UK ensure a hassle free experience.

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