OverclockersUK Reveals NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Launch Day Deals

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅27.05.2016 13:37:48

Having taking the world by storm with a stunning reveal earlier this month NVIDIA's new flagship GPU is finally set for retail availability at 2pm (UK Time) today. The GeForce GTX 1080, built with Pascal architecture and TSMC's 16nm process node, looks set to be the fastest single-GPU solution on the market; it's no surprise that gamers and hardware enthusiasts are chomping at the bit to get their hands on the new card. Most retailers will be sweetening the pot today, hoping that you opt for them over the competition, and UK retailer OverclockersUK have shared some of the plans ahead of time.

First up, and perhaps most importantly for customers who need the GTX 1080 in their hands as quickly as possible, OCUK are giving away a free delivery code for baskets that include a GTX 1080. The code extends to both Saturday and Sunday delivery, ensuring that you'll receive your order before Bank Holiday Monday and have plenty of time to get that kit assembled or integrated into your current system.

The GTX 1080 is garnering a reputation for for being a killer card for high resolution, high image quality gaming. To complement this OCUK will also be offering discounts on specific G-SYNC monitors, allowing your to play in tear-free, high refresh rate style no matter your quality settings. In particular, the 27" ACER Predator XB270HUD will be available for just 374.99, whilst the top-notch 32" ACER Predator X34A has had almost 100 slashed off its asking price.

OCUK are also well aware that some will have held off buying a new system until the release of this latest generation of cards, and aren't slacking in integrating the new technology into their own pre-built system range. Furthermore, the premium Infin8 Toxicity range will be getting a free upgrade to twin GTX 1080's, a substantial boost over the two GTX 980Ti GPUs it was previously equipped with.

Last but not least comes a deal on the Super Flower Leadex Gold 750W PSU, down to 79.99 from 109.99. Overkill for a single GTX 1080 system, it's ideal if you're planning to pick up two cards to run in SLI.

OverclockersUK's full range of GTX 1080's Founder's Edition cards can be found at https://www.overclockers.co.uk/pc-components/graphics-cards/nvidia/geforce-gtx-1080. A range of other weekly offers - covering a more general product range that includes CPUs, storage and memory - are also still available in conjunction with those outlined above.

P.S. if a new gaming chair is more to your needs, OCUK are also offering a free delivery deal on baskets that include one of the new noblechairs range.

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