Overclockers UK Own 8 Pack Returns with 3 World Overclocking Records

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8 Pack of Overclockers UK has returned home from Taiwan from a secret Gigabyte laboratory, where he has participated in 3 world overclocking records.

Overclockers UK exclusive: 8 Pack of OcUK returns with 3 world overclocking records.

Newcastle-under-Lyme, 8 Pack of OcUK returns with 3 world overclocking records. 8 Pack headed to Taiwan to a secret Gigabyte OC labatory to benchmark hardware and achieve the best performance possible and achieve the highest overclocks through the use of LN2, liquid nitrogen.

The UK's number one overclocker and representative of OcUK Ian "8 Pack" Parry was among only a handful of top overclockers exclusively invited to a secret OC (Overclock) at the new OC lab at Gigabyte in Taiwan over the past week.

The OC lab is where Gigabyte intend to push their products harder and further than anyone else, using liquid nitrogen cooling with the purpose of setting overclocking records and helping to develop their product for the consumer market.

After almost a week of testing with current platforms the team of overclockers including 8 Pack, Team Au (Dino,Pro and Sniper), Mad 222 and inhouse clocker Hicookie set three world records and one second in some of the most competitive benchmarks in the world.

Record 1 :
Kicking off these records was a CPU overclock on Intel Core i7 3770K CPU of almost 7.2 GHz. This was on the Gigabyte Z77-UP7 and eclipsed the previous fastest speed achieved by 30MHz. The record which was broken was previously set with liquid helium which is an extra -60oc colder than Liquid Nitrogen.

Record 2:
The second world record was achieved using the industry standard 3D mark Vantage benchmark. 8 Pack has previously held the record on passed generation hardware and was determined to reclaim the title using a current generation NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan Graphics card. 8 Pack and the team managed to take the Titan to over 1750MHz and were able claim the record back by several hundred points. This was on the X79 platform using the Gigabyte X79-UP7 OC motherboard.

Record 3:
The final world record to fall was on 3D mark 03. 8 Pack was the last to leave the OC lab due to flight times and infact nearly missed his plane with his determination to get one more world record. On this one he worked with in house clocker Hicookie to eventually pass the previous best by some 3000 points. For this record again, a NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan was used at over 1750MHz and the Gigabyte Z77-UP7 was the platform of choice. 8 Pack's standard benchmarking normally doesn't include this particular test, however all the hours of tweaking paid off to really show why he is the truely UK's number one at overclocking.

See this link for full coverage.

Buy the equipment:
Intel Core i7 3770K : http://bit.ly/17YNJQc
NVIDIA Geforce GTX Titan Graphics card: http://bit.ly/17YNO6x
Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 Intel Z77: http://bit.ly/17YNVPv

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