PC Specialist Super-Size The Recoil II Laptop

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅04.10.2018 22:27:33

In May PC Specialist unveiled their Recoil II laptop series, featuring the brand new Intel 8th Gen Core i7-8750H and an NVIDIA gaming GPU. Decked out in other premium features such as RGB mechanical keyboard, twin-fan cooling and brushed metal effect finish, it was a substantial step forward from the usual fare of customisable etailer notebooks.

Today PC Specialist are following up with a 17.3" variant of the Recoil II. There are few changes to the quality components inside, despite the substantially larger footprint, but that still means that there are some great configuration options.

Remaining central to the design is that Intel 6-core i7-8750H, a rock-star notebook CPU that clocks from 2.2GHz all the way to 4.1GHz depending on the workload. Coupled to it is you choice of RAM; from 4GB all the way to 32GB, and speeds up to DDR4-2666Mhz. All this spells a rock-solid workhorse design, but that's not the limit of its ambition.

For gamers, the laptop comes with either an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB or GTX 1060 6GB. Either one is a great choice for typical laptop gaming, but the 1060 6GB in particular is a boon for pushing higher frame rates at modest resolutions. And that's a welcome factor too - the Recoil II's panel is a 144Hz 1080p design that will absolutely thrive on high FPS gaming.

It's no surprise that storage is highly configurable thanks to the inclusion of 2.5" SATA slot and two M.2 slots. As standard it comes with a 120GB ADATA SATA III SSD, but could even be equipped with a further two lightning fast NVMe SSDs each up to 2TB in size. Intel Optane is also an option, offering a further boost in performance to installed mechanical and SATA SSD drives.

Rounding off the package is that RGB LED mechanical keyboard that includes a numberpad. Still a rarity on laptops, a mechanical keyboard with a rigid back-plate is great for gaming on a laptop when space is at a premium. PC Specialist's chosen implementation offers per-key lighting configuration, which is great for adding your own aesthetic twist to an otherwise pretty discreet package.

Technical Specs

CPU Options:- Intel i7-8750H

GPU Options:- GeForce GTX 1050Ti / GTX 1060

Display:- 144Hz 72% NTSC LED (1920x1080)

Memory:- Up to 32GB 2666MHz

Storage:- 1x 2.5" Drive Slot, 2x M.2 SSD Slots

Battery:- 46WH Li-Ion Battery

Wireless:- Wireless LAN 802.11AC/B/G/N (M.2 Interface)

Webcam:- 720P HD Webcam with microphone

Speakers:- 2x 2W Stereo Speakers

- 1x Microphone In
- 1x Headphone Out
- 1x HDMI
- 1x USB 3.1 (Type C)
- 2x USB 3.1
- 1x USB 2.0
- 2x Mini DisplayPort 1.3
- 1x RJ-45
- 1x Memory Card Reader
- 1x DC Power-In

The 17.3" Recoil II starts from 1060 inc. V.A.T. For more information including comprehensive configuration options visit the configurator page.

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